“It’s an organization that raises wildlife awareness in kids/students. It’s lots of fun and they are helpful with helping us get ready for college. It’s AMAZING.”

- Rosario, ELK student



What ELK Means To Me

A mother of ELK kids speaks out about their experience with ELK

“It is vital that we support organizations like ELK that educate the next generation about the importance of maintaining a safe and clean environment for our future.”

- Denver Mayor Michael Hancock


Cody Jackson“One time, a school program student named Brianne asked my co-worker, Justin, "can we pick who we work with?" He said "of course" and she pointed at me and said, "I want to work with her." We had so much in common; her parents were West African as is my Dad. She said to me, "you have hair like my mom" and continued on with so much interest in that days activity. She really let me know I am making a difference. If she can see someone like me knowing how to use a microscope and identify macroinvertebrates, she could too, in a world full of no's." 

- Ronika Kone, ELK Alum and Student Coordinator


Deztani Sandoval“Prior to my time with ELK, I had no idea about National Parks. I had no idea that there were so many career opportunities in these spaces. Most importantly, I didn’t know that they belonged to me. I had been deceived into thinking these activities weren’t meant for me. I am not alone in this as I have seen even within my own community, people who look like me shying away from the outdoors because we are not properly represented. My experience during this spring break trip and my six years as an ELK student changed my life. Prior to joining ELK, I wanted to be a psychologist. Now I’m majoring in Environmental Science because ELK cultivated my love for the outdoors that I never thought I had." 

- Christian Giles, ELK Alum




Chris Urias“ELK has helped me grown into a more aware person today. The average student in Montbello doesn’t go camping, fishing, or learn about wildlife biology. ELK teaches students about the real world, and we always have a great time. ELK has inspired me to chase after my dream of becoming an astronaut. The support from everyone is amazing!”

- Chris Urias, ELK Alum and Program Coordinator



Dondre Smallwood“Being in ELK gave me the motivation I needed to get out of my comfort zone and push myself just a little more. They always believed in me especially in the times I didn’t believe in myself because let's face it, some people will still root for my failure especially since I am Hispanic and a woman. But this is what I tell the people that hope for me I fail: there will be times I fail, but that doesn’t mean I won’t pick myself up.

- Yesica Chavez, ELK Alum and Student Coordinator