“It’s an organization that raises wildlife awareness in kids/students. It’s lots of fun and they are helpful with helping us get ready for college. It’s AMAZING.”

- Rosario, ELK student



What ELK Means To Me

A mother of ELK kids speaks out about their experience with ELK

“It is vital that we support organizations like ELK that educate the next generation about the importance of maintaining a safe and clean environment for our future.”

- Denver Mayor Michael Hancock


Cody Jackson“The philosophy of giving back to those who helped make you into who you are definitely made me want to join ELK. But, what I took away from ELK was even more important. ELK taught me that you do not need to be rich in order to give back to your community; you do not need a $10 million dollar check in order for kids to learn and be successful. What you need is the time, dedication, love, passion, people, and the hope, that one day your community will flourish and have the proper resources. That is what you need to make your community successful, and ELK has that! When I look at ELK, I see a future for Montbello. And that is more than inspiring.”

- Cody Joseph Jackson, ELK alum

Deztani Sandoval“In addition to all of the trips we take every year, I’ve been working with ELK for the past three summers teaching kids angler education. If it wasn’t for ELK I wouldn’t be as motivated to succeed. To me, ELK is a second family, a place that makes goals and dreams reality for all the students. It is 
a place where we grow to be great people and it pushes us to go further in life.”

- Deztani Sandoval, ELK alum



Chris Urias“ELK has helped me grown into a more aware person today. The average student in Montbello doesn’t go camping, fishing, or learn about wildlife biology. ELK teaches students about the real world, and we always have a great time. ELK has inspired me to chase after my dream of becoming an astronaut. The support from everyone is amazing!”

- Chris Urias, ELK alum



Dondre Smallwood“My name is Dondre Smallwood. I am a freshman at Colorado State University (CSU) and I’ve been a member of Environmental Learning for Kids (ELK) for the past nine years. Throughout these nine years I have been given the opportunity to learn new things and experience things that some kids
 wouldn’t be given the opportunity to do. 
While in ELK, I have been many places
 such as camping, fishing, hiking, Mesa 
Verde, and museums all over Colorado. 
From being in this program I have
 accomplished many things and I am in 
the process of becoming a very mature 
adult. I have also learned leadership and
 how to act when faced with situations
 that stand in my way. I consider myself
 to be a role model for the younger youth
 in the program.

Environmental Learning for Kids has helped me see that just because I am a young black man or a minority it does not mean that I cannot get into a good college or get a good job. ELK has given me, and continues to give me, the tools to help and encourage me to keep moving on during hard times in life. They let me know that I can become a useful source in our community and that I am important. I am a Daniels Fund Scholar and that dream was made possible by ELK. Coming into this program is like meeting another family.”

- Dondre Smallwood, ELK alum