"ELK has helped me so much with getting scholarships and striving for success." 

                   - Christian Gonzalez, ELK student

ELK Scholarship

Everything you need to know about ELK’s Tim Crisman Memorial Scholarship and how to apply can be found here. Please read through all the information below so that you can successfully submit a complete scholarship application. Good Luck!!

Scholarship Background

The Tim Crisman Memorial Scholarship Fund was established by Environmental Learning for Kids and Jane Crisman in 2011 to celebrate the life of Tim through the lives of ELK youth, which have been transformed by the Scholarship Fund.

Tim was a true friend to ELK. His caring manner, quiet support, and strength of character will always be remembered and valued by everyone in the ELK family. Tim understood the importance of all youth in Colorado having the chance to experience and explore the beauty of the great outdoors.

The Tim Crisman Memorial Scholarship provides educational scholarships, helping ELK youth graduate from high school and college to become leaders of their community and stewards of their environment.

Scholarship Amount $1,500


Scholarship applications are due annually on the LAST FRIDAY IN FEBRUARY

2015 – February 27th

2016 – February 26th

2017 – February 24th

2018 – February 23rd

2019 - February 22nd  

2020 – February 21st

Eligibility Requirements

To be eligible for the ELK Tim Crisman Memorial Scholarship you must (1) be a graduating senior, (2) be officially enrolled in Environmental Learning for Kids (ELK), and (3) you must have attended a minimum of three (3) ELK Leadership Corps meetings in the past 12 months.

Application Instructions

To apply for the Tim Crisman Scholarship please click on the link below and fill out the online form provided. The application form asks for basic personal information and includes three (3) essay questions.

Once started, this form cannot be saved so it’s a good idea to work on your essays in a separate word document and then paste your answers into the form when complete.

Applications will be evaluated based on completeness of personal information, thoughtfulness and quality of essays, as well as grammar, mechanics, and attention to detail.

Application Link

Award Announcement

The Scholarship recipient will be announced annually at ELK’s Leadership Corps Mock Interviews day, typically held during the week of Denver Public Schools’ Spring Break.

For more information about this scholarship or how to enroll in ELK or join the ELK Leadership Corps, please contact Amy Wright, ELK Education Coordinator (awright@elkkids.org / 303-291-7693).